Our collaboration with Forge Studios was key for completing our project on time. They provided us with great quality assets with little briefing and next to no revisions. We highly recommend them and look forward to working with them more in the future.

The Sproing Team


Forge Studios has proven extremely valuable for our art production on Crysis 2. These guys know what they are doing as each of them has a long industry record in both game development and outsourcing. What makes our collaboration with Forge Studios most enjoyable is the ease of communication and the depth of their understanding. They simply know what you want and fully support your production needs in a professional, pleasant and flexible way to achieve highest quality standards.

Martin Elsaesser

Lead Artist, Crytek

Jagex have had the pleasure of working with Forge Studios since 2015 on a range of projects enabling us to increase our output of premium content and reduce internal production bottlenecks. Our initial apprehension about outsourcing quickly vanished as Forge delivered high quality assets according to our specific requirements. The team are responsive and professional and their flexible nature means we can scale according to demand. A great service I would recommend without hesitation to game creators looking to maximise ROI.

Matt Casey

Monetisation Manager, Jagex


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