Forge Studios specializes in the realization of videogames assets, offering a full service of characters and environment creation from concept art to modeling, texturing and animation. Our goal is to assist our clients in their productions, providing high quality art and support necessary for a successful relationship. We are here to realize your vision from beginning to end at the highest level.

With an experienced and highly creative team we are able to adapt to any wishes of the client.
Being experienced means we can easily integrate your art production pipeline into ours and handle a wide variety of game engines and workflow standards. Being highly creative means we can handle any art style required and realize assets from initial concept to final phase at high quality.


We provide full realization of 3d content, from high resolution to real-time models ready for engine integration.
Whether it’s for environments, props, weapons, vehicles or character art.
We are experienced with an array of art styles ranging from hand painted stylized rendering to physically-based rendering and are able to adapt to any art style required.


Fantasy, Sci-fi, realistic, cartoony, stylized or anything in between, we can give form to the unexpressed vision in our client’s mind.

We can explore many directions to conform to the client’s wishes. We provide concept art, storyboards, illustrations and 2D assets ready for in-game integration.


With a keen eye for rhythm and a sensibility coming from feature animation, we breathe life into characters and environments of the client’s game. Whether in 2D or 3D, made with Spine, Flash, 3ds Max or Maya we will create animations with feelings attached to them.


With our experienced engineers and the diverse skills of our artists we can realize any project from beginning to end. A network of professionals collaborates with Forge Studios creating music, sound and design to shape games and experiences ready to amaze.

To give shape to the client’s vision we leverage the versatility of Unity 3d whether we develop for PC, Console or Mobile.


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