Forge Studios is specialized in the realization of videogames assets, offering a full service of characters and environment creation, from concept art to modeling and texturing. Our goal is to assist our clients in their productions providing high quality art but also the infrastructure and support necessary for a successful relationship. We are here to realize your vision from beginning to end at the highest level. Thanks to the experience achieved while working on several AAA titles our staff is familiar with the whole creation process and different art styles from realistic to cartoony and therefor we can deliver consistent and high quality product through all the production phases. Our goal is to always provide the client with content ready to be used in game.

Forge Studios has experience working with the leading industry game engines such as Unreal Engine, CryEngine as well as the knowledge to easily work with third-party proprietary technology. No matter what the tools are we are able to adapt our processes to the clients needs.


  • Art direction
  • Consulting services
  • Pipeline and workflow setup

3D Art

  • Real-time models
  • High-poly models
  • Texturing

2D Art

  • Concepts
  • Cover artwork
  • Pre-production


"Our collaboration with Forge Studios was key for completing our project on time. They provided us with great quality assets with little briefing and next to no revisions. We highly recommend them and look forward to working with them more in the future."
The Sproing Team
"Fabio and his crew at Forge Studios have proven extremely valuable for our art production on Crysis 2. These guys know what they are doing as each of them has a long industry record in both game development and outsourcing. What makes our collaboration with Forge Studios most enjoyable is the ease of communication and the depth of their understanding. They simply know what you want and fully support your production needs in a professional, pleasant and flexible way to achieve highest quality standards."
Martin Elsaesser, Lead Artist at Crytek